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About Us

National Academy is a Society formed by some of the literary luminaries and social welfare oriented Industrialists from within the state of Rajasthan. The foundation stone of Academy was laid by eminent personality of Alwar Dr. P.S. Agarwal, the founder member of the society. The National Academy runs a Senior Secondary School, under the direction and guidance of renowned academicians and sports persons from across the country. Goals and Objectives of National Academy National Academy aims to provide inquisitive and innovative education free from all sorts of unwanted fears of discrimination and ranking to ensure the balanced all-round growth of every child. The ultimate objective of the School is to enrich and empower the students and thus enable them to meet the challenges in every sphere of modern life as a truly powerful Global citizen.

Our Mission

Mission: - National Academy has been fully committed to accomplish its mission by translating the qualitative terms of a child’s progress into a solid concrete reality for the nation to be proud if its Global citizens at large. The mission of the National Academy has a broad coverage that includes: Providing students with an Interactive learning system (ILS) Putting into practice the latest technique in Pedagogy through the manifold and creative ways of teaching and learning at large. Working constantly for the moral, intellectual and emotional development of each child.

Providing a conducive and a balanced atmosphere focused on the enrichment and empowerment of the children to make them achievers and leaders of tomorrow. Discovering the hidden talents of the children and enhance their multi -potent intellects to make them the explorers of the universal wisdom from within and outside. Inculcating a sense of independence, accountability and greater confidence in the children to enable the children to accept the various responsibilities in life. Creating an environment that enhances a child’s freedom of thought and expression.

Our Vision

  • The Vision: - Creation of a new generation of students of very high intellectual, emotional and moral quotients for securing the highest Social economic capital on the globe for our nation in a time bound future
  • An ideal National Academy student would mean to be responsible:-
  • For his health and well being
  • To maintain cordial relation with others in school
  • To maintain decency and decorum in talk and behavior For completing the assigned projects
  • To stand up to the challenges of life bravely
  • To follow the principles of kindness, truth, respect and sharing
  • To take care of school properties and its premises as their own
  • To work persistently focusing on their aims and objectives in school and in their life later.

Our Facilities

Bus Route

Bus transportation is provided for students of Imagine Discovery for regular school hours. However, parents/guardians will be responsible for transporting their children to and from school for before- and after-school programs (i.e. not during regular school hours). An updated schedule is posted below. School Bus Routes


Books are true treasures of wise men of the world. We have a fully automated and furnished library of number of books on various topics and subjects to ensure that it flourishes the young minds into self enlightenment. Our Gyansagar contains educational books and encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines, journals, science bulletins and periodicals that can answer intellectual, spiritual, emotional and technological queries of any kind by a child.

Primary Wing

Primary wing library caters to the specific needs of the children in that particular age group. It has a well stocked library of 10,000 books. A class library is also maintained which encourages the children to read extensively besides handling books with care. Many topics are dealt with through rich display of pictures and documentaries in the audio-visual section. The themes are subject-specific and interdisciplinary, making learning a holistic, comprehensive experience. The annual review of the books makes the whole approach to reading an integrated dynamic process, ensuring the availability of the best resource material.

Senior Wing

The Senior Wing library is well-equipped with a capacity of 20,000 books with separate Text and reference sections. The library division has a separate Reading Hall and Audio-Visual Room and provision for accessing the internet. The library has on its shelves a variety of Audio and Video-Cassettes and a separate CD Library.


Our Class-rooms are designed and constructed by experts, the learning becomes so natural and spontaneous to any child in the class-room. Since the number of students in each class-room is not more than 30-35, the teacher is able to give maximum individual attention to each child even while teaching the students collectively. The possible leadership quality in every child is explored during the early academic days and every child is encouraged to take up leadership in conducting or co-coordinating one or the other activity quite frequently.

Club & Society

The school has fifteen active clubs and five societies. The school Programmed has Thursdays from 4 to 5 pm set aside for club activities and meetings. This is when when club meetings are held. All the students are encouraged to join at least one club and one society. The main aims of the clubs and societies include the following:

  • To educate
  • To stimulate thinking
  • To do research for knowledge and information
  • To entertain
  • To develop creativity
  • To render services to oneself and society
  • To provide an avenue for socialization
  • To help students grow spiritually and morally upright
  • To help students develop and exploit gifts
  • The Christian Union
  • The Seventh Day Adventists
  • The Legion of Mary
  • The Young Christian Society
  • The Muslim Society.

The club and societies activities are Co-ordinate by the Senior Head of department. The HOD is assisted by club patrons. Below are individual clubs and their specific activities objectives and achievements.

Mathematics Club

Membership It has a membership of about 100 students from all the four classes. Objectives To boost Math grades in the school. To organize symposia to enable exchange of ideas between different schools. To help students to have a positive attitude towards Math. To give students a sense of identity as members of Math club. Activities The club activities vary from class to class but it includes discussion and solving of mathematical problems, organizing for symposia within and with other schools. Achievements The students have been able to have improved results in K.C.S.E. In fact out of all the 109 A’s in Math last year 75% of them were members of Math club. YOUNG FARMERS CLUB Membership The members are 60. Objectives To prepare members to be self employed in future. To help the members to know how to use and utilize a small piece of land. The help members learn on the problems facing farmers e.g. crop and animal pests and disease and how to deal with it. Members learn agricultural techniques and practice it. Activities The club activities include gardening and planting of vegetables to be sold to the school. They also participate in Agricultural Shows of Kenya annually.

Debating Club

Membership Club members are 40. Objectives To improve on public speech skills of its members. To improve on grammar and language; both spoken and written. To have its members fully aware and informed about current affairs. To boost inter-school relations through debate. In case the original receipt is lost an affidavit from the First Class Magistrate must be submitted.

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